About Us

The Cinnovx team is formed by like-minded individuals who have a combined total of 75+ years of experience in delivering innovative and sustainable solutions to clients across the country with a simple goal: To make “YOU” successful.

Our culture differentiates us. Our core values of Growth, Team First, and Results define us.

We seek growth first in ourselves, which allows us to drive growth for our clients through everything that we do.
Team First
Team First
We believe that teams that perform well lead to individuals who thrive. While we recognize and reward individual success, we recognize and reward “Team Success” even more.
We work with you to deliver performance within your organization that goes beyond the average. We can help you achieve improved operations, enhanced customer experiences, reduced cost, increased ROI, and more productive decision making.

We Succeed When You Succeed.

Anand Adoni
Founder & CEO

My desire to become better as an individual and always find ways to improve the environment I find myself in, has led me to where I am today. I have over 20 years of experience in leadership roles with consulting organizations. I have built new practices and solutions which have led to successful outcomes for government clients and their constituents. My focus now is to help accelerate the growth of government and organizations that serve them with a team that is committed to Cinnovx’s core values.

Dhiraj Talwar
Vice President & CTO

I am a technologist and solutionist at heart. I have over three decades of experience in public sector and have led large-scale, mission-critical IT projects around the globe in a myriad of industries. I have a proven track record in government technology. I have led, managed, and delivered projects for California government entities such as Department of Public Health, Public Employees’ Retirement System, Statewide Automated Welfare System, Department of Health Care Services, Child Welfare Digital Services, as well as in other states such as Washington, Texas, New York, Massachusetts, and Mississippi.

Surranjan Kumar
Consulting Director

I have 20 years of progressive consulting experience in leading, guiding, and implementing large-scale and complex solutions, from procurement to implementation, with a focus on health and human services industry. I have led teams and managed projects across all life-cycle phases using various methodologies for the states of California, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Oregon. I am passionate about helping others, especially the vulnerable population, that our government agencies serve. My passion translates into a results-driven approach that continually seeks opportunities to introduce innovative ways to deliver projects as well as maximize the benefits for the constituents.